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"National Accreditation Program: Assuring quality of education in the supply chain"

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Why take a program that’s accredited
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The National Accreditation Program (NAP) was established to recognize supply chain-related educational offerings that meet the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council's national standard. The NAP standard – developed in partnership with the Canadian Standards Association and with significant input from supply chain stakeholders – reflects industry's needs and educators' best practices.

Both individual courses and full programs can be submitted for review by the Council's Accreditation Review Panel. The Panel meets four times a year to consider submissions received by the Council during the preceding three months.


Why Have Your Program Accredited?

"The CSCSC National Accreditation Program has provided us with an independent, third-party assessment of our program against its national standards. This has helped our business by confirming that our program is meeting industry standards, and giving our students confidence that our course offerings are comparable to other accredited education opportunities. Being a part of the NAP also requires us to remain disciplined in updating our course material and continuing to adhere to the national standards. This ensures ongoing quality control and demonstrates we are committed to program excellence for the long term."

Maureen Sullivan, President
National Education Consulting Inc. (NECI)

Accreditation Standards

The National Accreditation Program is based on the Council's Standards for Accreditation.

Deadlines and Fees

Submission deadlines for the next year are:

All submissions are subject to the following submission/review fees:

Any course or program that does not meet the NAP standard can be revised and resubmitted for review at no charge, as long as the submission is received within two application deadlines of receiving the accreditation-decision notification.

Reaccreditation is required every three years. Submission/review fees for reaccreditation are:

Note that the above fees are non-refundable.

Apply for Accreditation

To apply for accreditation of your supply chain course or program, complete the fillable PDF application form. Please send your completed form to


Contact NAP Coordinator Sheryl Keenan, at