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One of the biggest challenges for any organization is attracting, retaining, developing and maximizing the potential of skilled and motivated employees. This challenge can be even greater for small- and mid-sized companies, which often have limited or no in-house human resources function.

Managers often spend a great deal of time dealing with human resources issues instead of focusing on the core elements of the business. The Virtual HR Department (VHRD) provides information, tools, templates and guides to assist your managers to deal with human resources issues more efficiently and effectively, allowing their attention to get back to managing core operations. The people-management tools and templates provided by the VHRD will enable your organization to implement policies, programs and practices that will increase the effectiveness and capabilities of your team, enhance your ability to attract and retain high-quality employees and truly make your employees a competitive advantage.

All tools, templates, policy samples and guides are downloadable so that they can be customized and used on an ongoing basis.

The Virtual HR Department will provide you the information, tools and guidance that you need to implement high-quality people-management programs and practices in your workplace. It is the next best thing to having an HR professional on staff.

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