The Supply Chain Career-Awareness Package

Participating in a career fair? Print and take some or all of these documents, depending on the audience you expect to address.


For high-school students or job-seekers who may not know about supply chains:

For post-secondary students in supply chain programs:

If you'll have access to a computer at the event, consider showing these videos and sites:
Planning a supply chain career fair or career day in your community? This process information will make your job easier




Connector – A Skills-Matching Tool: Outlines the uses and products of the Connector tool

National Accreditation Program for Supply Chain Educational Offerings: Provides information about the recognition program for education and training courses and programs that meet the Council's Standards for Accreditation

Virtual Human Resources Department for Small and Medium-sized Supply Chain Companies: Describes the downloadable tools of the Council's VHRD

Case Study

New Tires – An outline of the occupations and skills involved in the installation of four new tires



CSCSC products and programs