2011/2012 Study Update

Based on more than 3,000 surveys of employers, employees and education providers, this report identifies the key HR-related challenges that supply chain employers face, and offers 16 practical, easy-to-implement strategies for them to improve their abilities to recruit and retain skilled workers.

See a Women in Supply Chain infographic based on statistics from this report


2004/2005 Study

The Canadian Logistics Skills Committee (CLSC) was established in February 2004 to complete a study of the human resources needs of the supply chain sector.

The study concluded with 26 recommendations for action by sector participants. The first recommendation, and one on which many subsequent recommendations were contingent, was the establishment of a "nationally focused integrating mechanism or sectoral forum, [which] could take the form of a human resources sector council."

Based on that recommendation, the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council was created, in November 2005, to undertake, among other activities, implementation of the remaining recommendations in the report.

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